Research & Development

With its many years of industry experience, MEKRA Lang is capable of carrying out the entire product development process for mirror and camera systems in accordance with the ISO/TS 16949:2002 quality standard.

Our experienced development team handles every step of the development process, from the conceptual stage through prototyping and all the way into production.
Our development program comprises:
  • 3D field-of-vision calculations, taking into consideration the ergonomics of the driver's seat
  • Design of basic and design components (CATIA V5)
  • FEM simulations and vibration analyses to ensure total system optimization
  • Computer-aided mold-flow analyses to optimize injection molding tools
  • Calculation of aerodynamic characteristics to reduce fuel consumption
Our strengths are:
  • Highly focussed basic concept development based on insights gained from practical experience
  • Computer-aided techniques to shorten development times
  • Global market expertise and awareness of important trends
  • Comprehensive vertical and horizontal systems integration thanks to our highly differentiated value chain and competencies (mechanics, plastics engineering, glass processing, electronics, mold making)
  • Emphasis on practical applicability through field trials, model and prototype making
  • Collaboration with customers and suppliers based on reliability and trust
MEKRA Lang - development that never stands still
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