Our Mirror-Systems

With decades of experience in the commercial vehicle sector, MEKRA Lang offers a comprehensive portfolio of mirror systems for light commercial vehicles, busses, recreational vehicles, trucks, construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles, and special vehicles.
As a vertically integrated company, our services range from mirror production to metal and plastics processing and our own electronics development department. This differentiates us from our competition and enables us to provide customized solutions for any client requirement.

We welcome our customers' special requests and offer
powered, heatable (12 and 26 Volts), as well as foldable mirror options.
In addition, our products comply with all of the relevant legal field-of-vision requirements and regulatory provisions. This is true for all types of application: main mirrors, wide-angle mirrors, roof mirrors, or front mirrors.

Our mirrors have been thoroughly tested and comply with all applicable industry standards and directives. With our comprehensive parts supply system and an extensive customer and dealer network, you will surely find one of our representatives near you.

Mirrors by MEKRA Lang - for any application anywhere!
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