Strategy of LANG company group

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The LANG company group's corporate vision translates into the following strategic principles:


At the LANG company group, management means working towards a successful future by honoring traditions and safeguarding what has already been achieved in the past.Based on these principles we strive for continuous improvement of our business processes through customer centricity, transparency, and process integration. We make sure that our integrated quality, environmental and safety management system remains in line with these requirements.By diversifying our products and offerings, we are able to minimize risk and leverage the resulting revenues for securing our future. The scope of our services can be expanded by adding strategic components (e.g. tool making, consultation).


Customer satisfaction is the single most important prerequisite for safeguarding our future success. We strive for the highest customer satisfaction ratings by maintaining close cooperative partnerships with our clients, by continuously developing and deepening our competencies and services, and by achieving outstanding quality and delivery results. By positioning ourselves as our industry's cost leader, we can offer our customers an ideal cost-benefit ratio.


Our employees are our most valuable asset. This is why it is so important to us to find the right job for the right person and give our employees the chance to find true meaning and satisfaction in their work. In addition, we actively contribute to the continuous development or our employees' professional and social skills by offering targeted training programs. Another issue that is of central importance to us is compliance with all work-related health and safety regulations and ensuring continuous improvement in these areas in order to exceed expectations whenever possible.

Quality and Technology

Our continued market leadership depends on high-quality, innovative, and well designed products. This is why each employee is not only responsible for the quality of his or her own work, but will also for striving continually to improve underlying conditions in order to consistently increase quality and customer benefits. This includes integration of technical innovations into the product development process as well as proactive measures for quality improvements in running production.



The level of performance we can achieve for our customers significantly depends on our suppliers. This is why we focus on collaboration based on fair, long-term partnerships in order to leverage our suppliers' capabilities and innovative strengths. By conducting regular audits and emphasizing supplier development, we make sure that our suppliers meet the same expectations that we and our customers place on ourselves.


Protecting our environement and the natural world around us, is an issue of critical importance to us. We want to maintain an intact environment for our children and all succeeding generations. Thus all our activities in the field of environmental policy aim at achieving this goal. Our integrated quality and environmental management system ensures compliance with all of the relevant environmental regulations, which is confirmed through annual certifications. What ist more, we are committed to constantly monitoring and improving all enviromental aspects of our production and plants. Training of our staff's ecological awareness as well as comunication with the public form an integral part of our business philosophy.


Our company's long tradition of cultivating close partnerships with our external investors is very important to us. At the same time, however, we strive for the highest degree of independence possible, in order to ensure maximum freedom when it comes to setting our long-term strategic goals. This independence is guaranteed by profitable growth.

At the local level, LANG company group's current corporate strategy is being translated into a location-specific strategy in the form of specific assignments with measurable and binding targets (so-called "mission").

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