Working at MEKRA Lang

Working at MEKRA Lang means being part of a team - a successful team.

The fact that so many of our employees have been with us for a very long time, is a testament to our excellent corporate climate.
Providing our employees with new opportunities and training options - including professional development - has always been an important part of the MEKRA Lang corporate philosophy. MEKRA Lang supports young talent by sponsoring university study and internships.
Year after year, a strong focus on training and professional development has been a given at MEKRA Lang. Our international operations provide our employees with opportunities for expanding their horizons abroad and developing their language and professional skills.

In addition to technical training, we also promote our employees' personal development. By offering mentoring and coaching services as well as various internal career options, we continuously provide our employees with exciting new challenges within the company.Over the years, these benefits, and the sense of stability that a secure job creates, have inspired our employees to develop new ideas and innovative processes.

As a global player, MEKRA Lang places great significance on treating its employees with fairness, and expects the same from them in their treatment of each other.

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